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A treasure trove of insights and tips for the paw-some pet parents out there! Here, we dive deep into the world of pet care, exploring topics ranging from dental health to grooming and everything in between. Whether you're seeking advice, heartwarming stories, or the latest trends in pet wellness, you're in the right place. Join us on this journey of love, laughter, and learning, as we celebrate the joy of having furry companions in our lives.

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Pet Dental Cleaning FAQs

No, there are no drugs used during the procedure. If your dog experiences anxiety or nervousness, it is recommended that owners administer CBD oil one hour before the technician arrives. CBD oil can be found at Petco or other pet stores.

No, we only offer cleaning services. Tooth extractions require anesthesia with analgesia and must be conducted in a veterinary clinic or hospital in a surgical room.

When should I schedule the first dental cleaning? It is recommended to have your pet’s teeth cleaned every six months. However, in certain cases, such as with Yorkshire breeds, it may need to be done every three or four months. The first dental cleaning should typically be done when they are two years old, although earlier cleanings may be necessary in some cases.

The duration of the procedure depends on the level of teeth dirtiness and your pet’s behavior. It can take up to one and a half hours. We prioritize quality over quantity and take our time to ensure a relaxing experience for your pet. Rest assured, your dog’s mouth will not be open for the entire duration of the procedure; we respect your dog and keep close watch on the time.

Unfortunately, we do not allow owners inside the van during the dental cleaning. The presence of owners tends to make the process more challenging as dogs become overly excited. We recommend that you relax and be happy knowing you are doing something good for your pet.

Yes, your dog can eat afterward. However, if CBD oil was administered, it is recommended to wait a few hours before feeding.

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