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Our gentle and stress-free approach ensures bright smiles and healthy teeth for your pets. Contact us today for safe and effective dental care without the risks of general anesthesia.

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Welcome to Animal Love Pet Dental! We proudly serve the South Florida area with exceptional mobile pet dental care. Founded by passionate animal lover Claudia, and veterinarian Danuza, our mission is to provide top-quality dental services for your beloved pets in the comfort of your own home. Our convenient ‘We Come to You’ service prioritizes your pet’s oral health while eliminating the stress of vet visits or scheduling hassles. Trust our experienced team to treat your furry family members with love, expertise, and a smile! Animal Love Pet Dental is here for you and your animals. 

Comprehensive Pet Dental Care and Beyond!

At Animal Love Pet Dental, we offer a range of comprehensive services to keep your furry friends' smiles sparkling and their overall well-being in check. Our main services include professional dental cleaning for dogs and cats, ensuring optimal oral health. Additionally, we provide convenient add-ons such as nails trim, anal glands expression, and ear cleaning for your pet to feel refreshed, cared for, and healthier all around. Trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional care and go the extra mile for your beloved pets!

All Services are Non-Anesthetic

Dog Dental Cleaning

Our non-anesthetic dental cleaning service for dogs ensures their dental health without the need for anesthesia. Using gentle techniques and specialized tools, our experienced team effectively removes plaque, tartar, and promotes fresh breath. With a focus on safety and comfort, we prioritize your dog's well-being while providing a stress-free dental cleaning experience. Plus, you get to enjoy fresh breath licks. Trust us to keep your canine companion's smile shining bright and enjoy fresh breath licks from your friend!

Cat Dental Cleaning

Our non-anesthetic dental cleaning service for cats offers a gentle and effective approach to maintain their oral health. Cats can be sensitive to anesthesia, so our specialized techniques and experienced team ensure a safe and stress-free dental cleaning experience. From tartar removal to gum health, we provide comprehensive care to keep your feline friend's teeth healthy and their purrs going strong. Give your cat the gift of a radiant smile!

Horse Teeth Floating

At Animal Love Pet Dental, we extend our expertise to the oral health of horses with our professional equine dental cleaning service. Our skilled veterinarians understand the unique dental needs of horses and utilize advanced techniques to address issues such as sharp points, uneven wear, and other dental abnormalities. With our meticulous care, we help maintain your horse's dental health, ensuring their overall well-being and performance. Trust us to keep your equine companion's dental health in top shape!

Add-On Services Available:

We go the extra mile to meet your pet’s grooming needs with our additional services. Our professional nail trimming keeps their paws comfortable and prevents any issues. The gentle expression of anal glands ensures their well-being, while our thorough ear cleaning promotes healthy ears, reducing the risk of infections. Trust us to provide comprehensive care that keeps your furry friend happy and healthy, refreshed inside out.

Our Non- Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Process:

1. Mobile Service Setup

Our convenient mobile service brings our dental care expertise right to your doorstep. We perform all procedures inside our fully equipped van, providing your pet with a comfortable and stress-free experience.

2. Calming Technique with Swaddle Cloth

We utilize a gentle and effective calming technique to keep your furry friend calm and secure during dental cleaning. Your pet is safely wrapped in a baby swaddle cloth, providing a soothing environment and promoting relaxation for the best dental cleaning experience.

3. Before Picture Documentation

Prior to the cleaning, we take a before picture to document your pet’s dental condition. This helps us track the progress and showcase the transformative results of our dental care.

4. Tartar Softening with Terasol

We apply a specialized product called Terasol to all teeth. This solution effectively softens the tartar buildup, making it easier to remove during the cleaning process.

5. Tartar Removal with Scaler

Using a scaler, our skilled team gently scrapes away all the accumulated tartar from your pet’s teeth. This step ensures thorough cleaning and helps restore your pet’s oral health. 

6. Polishing, Chlorexidine Spray, and After Picture

In the final steps, we polish your pet’s teeth, leaving them shiny and smooth. We then apply a chlorhexidine spray to the gums, promoting gum health and reducing inflammation. Finally, we take an after picture to showcase the remarkable transformation of your pet’s teeth.

We Come to You!
Serving South Florida

Now you can skip the hassle of vet visits for your pet's dental cleanings! Our mobile service brings top-notch dental care to your doorstep. In our fully equipped van, we provide convenient and stress-free dental cleanings for both you and your furbaby. Experience the ease of our mobile service and ensure your pet's oral health with Animal Love Pet Dental. Serving cities across South Florida now! Book your appointment from home.

Our Reviews

Samyra Hinch
Samyra Hinch
Empresa muito boa, profissionais qualificados, serviço e atendimento ótimos. Tenho duas gatas e elas ficaram super calmas durante a limpeza dos dentes. Indico para todos.
Viviana C.
Viviana C.
Claudia was awesome. My baby is ver hyper boy; however, he was perfectly fine with her. She sent me a video of the procedure, and pictures before/after. Thank you!!!
Dayana Fern
Dayana Fern
Claudia was very professional, caring and communicative on what she was doing with my four legged furry walking heart. <3 The results were amazing… the teeth were cleaned throughly and my dog was calm with a happy attitude and a refreshing breath! You can tell shes a real dog person and that’s a plus. I recommend claudia with my my closed! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Yenicet Machado
Yenicet Machado
Me encanto el servicio . Y gracias a claudia por Tan excelente servicio .
Katia Tur
Katia Tur
Queria compartir mi experiencia con esta compańia .. Fueron muy amables con mi perrito y le dejaron unos dientes radiantes especialmente a Claudia muchas gracias por tu trabajo 100% recomendado
taty Lima
taty Lima
They have an amazing service. They took such a good care of my baby dog. Nice people with a great service. Totally recommend.
Paola Crovetto
Paola Crovetto
Extremely happy with my dogs dental cleaning!! They came on time, are súper friend and the results are amazing, for sure I recommend their services, thank you Danuza!
Iris Patricia Carregosa
Iris Patricia Carregosa
A minha experiência com essa empresa foi maravilhosa, levei meu cachorro e fiquei encantada com o atendimento e qualidade!!! Danuza é uma excelente profissional
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez
Muy contento quede con esta compañía mi perrita quedó muy feliz y limpia. Muy profesionales los recomiendo 100%

Pet Dental Cleaning FAQs

No, there are no drugs used during the procedure. If your dog experiences anxiety or nervousness, it is recommended that owners administer CBD oil one hour before the technician arrives. CBD oil can be found at Petco or other pet stores.

No, we only offer cleaning services. Tooth extractions require anesthesia with analgesia and must be conducted in a veterinary clinic or hospital in a surgical room.

It is recommended to have your pet’s teeth cleaned every six months. However, in certain cases, such as with Yorkshire breeds, it may need to be done every three or four months. The first dental cleaning should typically be done when they are two years old, although earlier cleanings may be necessary in some cases.

The duration of the procedure depends on the level of teeth dirtiness and your pet’s behavior. It can take up to one and a half hours. We prioritize quality over quantity and take our time to ensure a relaxing experience for your pet. Rest assured, your dog’s mouth will not be open for the entire duration of the procedure; we respect your dog’s comfort and it is a priority throughout.

Unfortunately, we do not allow owners inside the van during the dental cleaning. The presence of owners tends to make the process more challenging as dogs become overly excited. We recommend that you relax and be happy knowing you are doing something good for your pet and we are just outside!

Yes, your dog can eat afterward. However, if CBD oil was administered, it is recommended to wait a few hours before feeding. 

Safe & Gentle: Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental Care for Happy Smiles

Our nonanesthetic dental procedures provide a stress-free and gentle approach to pet dental care. With our team of experienced veterinary professionals, we utilize advanced techniques and specialized equipment to clean and examine your pet's teeth and gums. By opting for our nonanesthetic procedure, you can rest assured that your pet's dental health is in good hands, without the risks associated with general anesthesia

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